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Well being challenges

We know it's really important that you take some time to celebrate everything that's going well at the moment and have a few moments of 'me' time. 


Here are a few activities to help with your well-being this week.

Challenge 1: Who's your superhero?


Read the following story: 


Draw a picture of the person that has been their superhero throughout this pandemic.


What superhero qualities have you had?


Challenge 2: Outdoor


Go outside,lie on your back- but keep your eyes open, Stay quiet and just think. Place your hands on your tummy and feel the sensation of you body breathing while you look up at the clouds in the sky. What noises can you hear? What can you see in the clouds? Are you still thinking? Do any of the clouds look like anything familiar? 

Challenge 3: Outdoor Art


  1. Explore an outdoor environment e.g. your back garden, the woods etc. 
  2. Talk about how you feel outside and why you like the  particular space.
  3. Take time to find a comfortable spot- then look and listen. What can you see and hear?
  4. Use your sketch book or a piece of paper to collect ideas for drawing.
  5. Draw your favourite view.

Collect four sticks to be the frame for your artwork- join them with string.

Challenge 4: Outdoor serene sitting


Serene sitting: Find a comfy spot to sit in. Keep your eyes open and place your palms on your lap. Make sure you spend some time getting comfortable and focusing on what’s around you. Look at different buildings, trees, plants and surroundings. Pay attention to the sensation of your breathing as you put your hands on your tummy.


Then focus on the weather and what kind of day it is. What colours and shapes do you see? Take a deep breath and end with a big smile.

Challenge 5 Silent walking 


There are lots of articles out there about the benefits of going on a simple walk. But what about the importance of going on a silent walk? Sometimes we need to be at peace with our own thoughts.


Go on a silent walk- completely relax and let your mind wander and think.  All children  you have to do is go for a silent walk and observe the world around you.