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Week beginning 05.10.20

This week something very exciting happened in Key Stage 1! We won't say too much about what it was, because our Literacy homework this week is based on it and we want to hear what your thoughts are, but let's just say it involved small silver spaceships, green slime and pink goo! Very unusual!


Otherwise, it has been business as usual in Elm this week and once again the children have been hard at work during both adult-led activities and in their Busy Learning time. Our Literacy work with Mrs Biggs has been very closely linked to the *TOP SECRET* mysterious event that happened at the start of the week, and the children have been using what happened to help them practise their recount writing skills. 


In Maths, we have been thinking about subtraction and working on different methods to solve subtraction problems. For the Year 1s, this has involved using practical apparatus and using jottings, while for the Year 2s it has meant counting backwards on number lines and counting back in tens and ones on hundred squares. 


In the afternoons, Phonics has continued as normal and we have also been thinking about Jesus and why he is inspirational to Christian people. The children have thought carefully about what we can learn from stories about Jesus, and some of the children have been inspired to write their own stories about Jesus. These have included the magnificent 'Jesus and the Birds', and the world's most imaginative mash-up, 'When Jesus Met Beegu' (spolier: they went to the park for a picnic at midnight). 


The children have also been very enthusiastic about the new additions to our 'Tinker Table' this week - an old, broken laptop and an old landline phone from the 1980s - and have loved working with the screwdrivers to take the items apart and see what is inside. I'm sure we have a few engineers in the making!


It has been a really lovely week and we hope you all have a super, restful weekend. 


Mrs Johnson & Mrs Biggs