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Happy New Year!


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we are all looking forward to the term ahead - lots of exciting activities have been planned and we cannot wait to find out where your children will take their learning.  Please email if you require any further information



This week we have been writing our Christmas recounts in our diaries.  We have listened hard to the sounds in words and written short sentences about our favourite part of Christmas.  In maths we have been investigating how many ways we can make 5 - we found out that there were lots of different ways!

We have started our new focus text - Percy the Park Keeper - The Snowy Night.  We really enjoyed the story - it had lots of new characters in it.  One of our challenges we have this week it to begin to learn about Percy and his friends. They are very funny and also very helpful

In our forest and outdoor work we have been investigating ICE. We have looked around out outdoor areas and seen many different things that have been changed due to the cold weather.  Even cobwebs had some ice on them!  We then investigated very closely some ice.   We looked at what it was like and talked about words that we could use to describe it.  We then came up with lots of ideas of how it may melt, how we could keep it longer and what else we knew about ice.


What a wonderful week!