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Thursday 14th May

Hello Beech Class,


Another superb week of home learning!




Last week you re-wrote the story from the clip ‘The Land of Toys’. This week, I would like you to think about which toy you would like to meet in you were to go to the land of toys. Would it be an old favourite? Would it be a toy that someone has told you about but you have not played with? Would it be a toy that you have imagined?


You will need to think about what will happen when the characters, or you, meet the toy in your story. You will need to think about describing what they toy looks like, how it acts and behaves and maybe even add in a little bit of what the toy or characters say, if you want to challenge yourself. Of course we need to think about all of the things that I don’t even need to mention… finger spaces, full stops, spelling, neat writing, polishing to check that it all makes sense… you know!


You all have the most phenomenal ideas and imaginations, so I cannot wait to read your versions! Please email them to me at


In your handwriting books, I’d like you to write some sentences about toys that you love and why. This means that you will need to use the coordinating conjunction ‘because’.


Your reading challenge this week is inspired by Mrs Johnson. As you may have seen she has been recording herself reading some great stories. After all of that reading she is probably getting a bit tired! I’d like you to practice reading a short story. It could be a story that you love or my favourite- your very own stories! Have a look at Mrs Johnson’s videos and think about how she makes the stories interesting. Does she use expression? Does she use her voice in different ways? Does she show how a character feels by the expression on her face? You could either practice this and then read it to your family, or you could send in a video, just like Mrs Johnson does! I have heard that Mrs Kyne is even making her own video too!

There are lots of laws about what can and cannot go on the internet! If you would like me to post your video on the school website you will need to ask your parents to have a look at this website and to make sure your book was published by Harper Collins. Please let me know in your emails that you have permission and that you’d like your video on the website. If it is your own story then it can absolutely be uploaded.



We are going to be thinking about old toys. We are going to be thinking about what childhood was like for people who are older than you. As we learnt from the video about VE Day last week, history can be split up into things that have happened within living memory- so people who are alive now can remember these things- or things beyond living memory- there are not people who are still alive who can remember these things.


I’ve added a presentation for you to read through, you can view it on a laptop, tablet or phone, there are some questions on the presentation for you to think about and discuss with your family at home.

Your job this week is to find out about people in your family’s favourite toys when they were young. You could ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or someone else in your family about the toys that they liked to play with. Once you have found out about some of the toys that people in your family enjoyed as children, I would like you to think about how the toys have changed. You can record your findings in any way that you like.


I recommend looking at the presentation first over a period of a couple of days and then moving on to asking your family about their toys. After looking at the presentation you might have some more ideas about the types of questions that you could ask.


Outdoors this week, I’d like you to use your creativity to make your own toy or game using the things that you find outside. Which toys have inspired you?

Keep cooking with Mrs Kyne- we would love to see some photographs of you making her recipes! Do you have any favourites?


Did you try Mr. Tull’s trick shot challenge? I was just glad that we have all been working on our PARTY skills- I definitely had to show some real resilience and perseverance to achieve the challenge! How about having a go at the next challenge- keeping up a rally.




You worked so hard on your measuring skills last week. Well done! This week we are going to be thinking about measuring lengths.


Measuring the length of something is a really important skill. Just ask one of our friends in Beech Class who needed to use lots of measuring skills to build a table! (Wow!)

There are lots of items that you can use to measure a length, you could use a ruler, a tape measure or if you don’t have either of those in your home you could experiment with non-standard measure which is where you use other items to measure things. For example, my couch is 6 cushions long, my laptop is 15 Starbursts across.


This week I would like you to have a go measuring things in your home or garden. You could measure toys, clothes, books, furniture or even people! Talk to your family about the times that they have needed to measure things.

If you are measuring things in your home using a ruler or a tape measure, you will probably be measuring in centimetres. Which unit of measure would you need to use if I asked you to measure how long or wide your bedroom was? Or your garden?


This game is great for practicing your measuring skills!

Keep up all of your hard work!


Take care,

Miss Pritchard