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Literacy Challenges

Challenge 1: To use adverbs and prepositions within stage directions.

Last week, we looked at stage directions and learnt about how important they are within playscripts- they tell the actors what to do and how to say their lines. 


What is a preposition and an adverb? Create a list of these. 


Task- look at the following extract- add in stage directions, using prepositions and adverbs.. then continue it. 

Challenge 2: Continue this play script... 

Challenge 3: Plan your own scene

This week, your Literacy and computing tasks tie in together. You will be creating your own scene for the Twits. Think of anew trick that Mr Twit could play on Mrs Twit, what will happen? Could he put spiders in her coffee- or convince her she has turned invisible? It's up to you. First you must plan your scene. Fold a piece of paper into 8 to create a story board - and draw what happens in order. Don't forget to jot down some speech to help you remember when you come to write it. 



Challenge 4: Write your own scene

Once you have planned your scene you will then need to write your script. Make sure you start it with your set list. You must also include stage directions, which include both adverbs and prepositions. Remember you will be using this script to help you act out the scene so it will need lots of detail. It should also be at least one side of a4. 

Have fun!