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Isolation Work Pack

Please find below the work packs if your child is having to isolate. Please let us know if your child is not feeling well enough to work each day. 


Children are expected to complete one Literacy, Reading, Maths and Topic task for each day they are isolating. Please note that the Maths tasks are separated by year group and ensure that your child completes the tasks appropriate for their individual year group. Please contact Miss Turner or Mr Lenton on the class email addresses if you have any questions.



Science 1

When Vikings travelled across the sea in their longships the wind filled the sails and pushed the boat along. If there was no wind the Vikings pulled the oars to move the ship. What other things can we move using pushes and pulls? Pushes and pulls can make things move. What other things can pushes and pulls do?

Click below for a lesson about forces:


Can you investigate items around your home that use the forces of pushes and pulls?


Science 2

Vikings travelled long distances by sea but were not scared of falling off the edge of the Earth, even though they did not know the Earth was spherical. They also thought the sun and moon were horse-drawn chariots that followed each other through the sky around the Earth. The Vikings thought that the lands of the Earth were surrounded by a huge sea. How much of the Earth is land and sea? Were the Vikings correct? We now know that the Earth, sun and moon are different sizes. Can we make scale models of the Earth, sun and moon?



Look through the slides about the 6 main types of Viking art. Answer these questions on a sheet of paper.


What do you think the artefacts are?


What materials have been used?


What can we learn about Viking art from the images?


Which of the 6 main types is your favourite and why?


If you have time, use the worksheet and pictures below to sketch some of the Viking objects.


Beliefs of Vikings

Re-watch the following video

Use the resources to create your own Viking God and Goddess Top Trumps


Viking Saga Songs

This is an opportunity for you to join in with songs, stories and music-making inspired by the gods and goddesses of Viking mythology. The songs explore the atmosphere and excitement of the Viking world while being rooted in familiar modern styles, such as reggae, rock and lyrical ballads. The songs also link closely with the story episodes…


Click the link below to work through the 7 different episodes of the story and the songs at your own pace. We would like you to complete at least two music sessions.






Create a travel brochure for one or more Scandinavian countries. What information would people like to know?

What things could you do in the country you have chosen?

Where could people go?

What could people eat?

What should people pack?


Try to improve your Kurling skills by watching this video below