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25th June 2021 & 2nd July

The Meaning of Pride ft. Drag Queen Nina West 🏳️‍🌈 (Pride Song)

Drag queen Nina West performs an original song about the meaning of the rainbow Pride flag. June is Pride Month, so let's celebrate by lifting up voices in t...

This week the pupils have been finding out all about Pride month and why Pride celebrations are still needed.

Pride In Pine

In Pine Class we have been using the resources given to us for PRIDE.  We have chosen to use the story Elmer and the Stranger. 



Some of the things that we are working on are:

We are familiar with the character Elmer due to this being our overall vehicle for learning this term.  We discussed the word ‘stranger’ – what do they associate with the word?  Who do they think the stranger is in the story?


Main talk points within the story that we discussed:

‘Let’s talk to him’ – why do they think the animals view Kangaroo as a stranger?

‘I’ll be laughed at’ – why?  How must Kangaroo feel?  Have they ever not been able to do something?  What would our friends do?

Investigate the words – hesitated, sobbed, sniffed and secretly – what do these words tell us about Kangaroo’s feelings?


Our next focus was then encouraging words:

Talk points –

‘Elmer laughed and left them’ – what words were used by the other animals to encourage Kangaroo?  Beautifully, impressive – what are they trying to do here?  Talk about how the animals might be able to encourage Kangaroo when they come back.


Then we looked at building confidence

Talk points -

‘I didn’t thing about jumping’  - what did the animals do to help Kangaroo build his confidence?


End discussions then revolved around what would have happened if the animals had not been kind to him just because he looked strange in their eyes?

Think about the wider community – relate this story to everyone being important and that we need to work as a team to support ALL our friends.

Pride in Cherry class

In Cherry class we have been looking back over our learning on our focus text Elmer.  We have looked at the word Unique and talked about what the word means.  We then thought about what makes Elmer unique to all of the other elephant.  The children talked about how it is great that we are all different and have our own likes, dislikes and skills.


We then went on to think about what makes each of us Unique.  We shared different things about us that makes us unique from one another and created our very own 'What makes Cherry class UNIQUE' poster.

Pride in Elm class.


The children have been discussing pride and listening to stories with LGBT+ themes. Look at the wonderful work that they have been doing!

Beech Class

In Beech Class we have shared the things that make us unique and special.


We enjoyed learning about the different colours on the Pride Flag and have been creating posters to show what they mean. We have also challenged ourselves to make the flag using Lego.

Year 3 and 4


Years three and four having learning all about pride month and how pride is celebrated. We looked into the history of Pride and how the rainbow flag was created. We also learnt about the colours of the flag and what they stand for. We then shared with the children the new progressive pride flag and discussed how the additional colours of black, brown pink, white and blue represented members of the LGBT+ community that are of colour and/or transgender. 


We learnt about how the rainbow flag was a symbol of acceptance for the LGBT+ community so the children were challenged to create their own poster to show that everybody is welcome in our school. 

Pride In Fir class

This week in Fir Class we did the Pride assemblies you sent. They listened to 'You're so Gay' story one day for their class story. We had wellbeing activities which were pride themed in the mornings, such as designing a pride t-shirt, mindfulness colouring, wordsearches. This afternoon the children learned about Alan Turing. They got into groups to learn about his life and presented some of their facts on a poster, which has formed part of our display.

Pride in Oak Class


In year 6 we looked the variety of terminology associated with the LGBT community, as some of it can be quite confusing. Once we had that clear in our minds and discussed it, we then moved onto the history of LGBT rights- did you know being gay was illegal in the UK until 1967? Once we had moved on and learned about the Stonewall riots, we designed t-shirts to represent Pride.