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Wednesday 3rd

Prepare for World Book Day tomorrow by joining in the live reading session at 10.30. Click the picture below to join the 'Books that make you LOL!' event. 


Starter LO: To apply my knowledge of the seven times tables. 

This week, in our starters, we are practising our seven times tables. Remember, if you get stuck, you have things in your home learning packs which might help. Don't forget to keep using TT Rock stars too. 


Try the problem below: 

Starter LO: To improve sentences. Can you fix the sentences below? You will need to look at spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also, try to improve them, perhaps you could add adjectives, fronted adverbials or a subordinate clause. 


Guided Reading 

Starter Let's revisit the vocabulary we have been looking at this week. Can you match the pictures to the words?


Main: To continue to develop our subject knowledge.  One of the main characters in our next Guided reading text is a headteacher. We have thought lots about head teachers in the last two days. 


Today I want you to find out if all head teachers are the same. Speak to different members of your family and ask them about their headteachers. Were they all nice? 


Consider what head teachers or teachers were like in the past, e.g. what were teachers like in the Victorian times?

Class Story

The SpiderWick Chronicles Chapter 7 Part 1


LO: To recognise what plants need to grow well. 


Starter : 

Let's start today's Science session by thinking about the following questions. See if you can talk for at least 3 whole minutes, giving your answer. 


'Why are plants important?' 


Click here to watch the BBC video, which will help you to answer this question. 



Let's st