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our work this week

This week it is all about pattern!  We have read Elmer and Wilbur to find out all about a new character, Wilbur.  Wilbur has a repeating pattern on him - he is black, white, black, white, black, white.  WOW!  We have been discussing patterns around us and also if we can see any repeating patterns.

We have also been creating our own patterned Elmers using a milk bottle and tissue paper.  We had to carefully cut out squares, making sure that we were holding scissors correctly.  We then had to glue them carefully onto our 'elephants'.  Lots of discussion took place about how sticky the glue was and how it felt.

In our literacy we have been creating lists of the objects that Elmer found.  We have used sounds to write these words and then continue with our keyword focus.  We are working very hard on recognising keywords - see the game below to help at home.  We then used our keywords and sounds to help us write a caption about our favourite object.