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The Big Question: What has been your challenges and success this year?


What are successes? They are the accomplishment of something.

What are challenges? These are things that you find difficult to achieve, but are still achievable.


It has been quite a different year this year compared to others. You have had the challenge of staying at home to learn rather than coming to school, because of the Coronavirus. However, you did it! This challenge turned into a success - well done!


But lets think about other challenges and successes that you have had this year. This maybe in a particular subject, mastering a skill, understanding your own feelings, or something that you have done outside of school.


Draw a Venn diagram, labelling one side as 'challenges' and the other side as 'successes'. Write your challenges and successes in the correct circle. Which challenges became successes? These should appear in the middle.


Then think about how you are going to challenge yourself next year. What help do you need to turn the challenges into successes?