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WB 20.09.21

This week in Maths we have been learning about comparing numbers. We have been using inequality signs and talking about how the hungry crocodile will always want to eat the greater number. The children have also been learning to use part whole models, which has helped them to compare numbers within 100 and to understand that numbers are made up of tens and ones.


In Literacy, we have focused on writing lists. We found out how a list looks on the page, and also found out we can extend our writing using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. We used our Farmer Duck learning to help us find out about all the different jobs that a farmer needs to do on the farm, and then our Year 1 children wrote lists of farm produce and our Year 2s wrote lists of jobs for the farmer to do. Have a look at this week's photo reel to see some of our work!


In our Art work this week we have been learning about colour mixing using powder paints. We have discovered what primary and secondary colours are and explored how to create a secondary colour from mixing two primary colours together.  We have also learnt about tints and shades.  We have created our own colour swatches, adding white to a colour to create lighter tints.  By adding small amounts of black to a colour we created darker shades. 

Our Independent List Writing