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Baby Bear has had his birthday!

Last Friday we made some delicious cakes for Baby Bear to celebrate his birthday.  This week we are focusing on celebrating even more! We are using all our areas in our classroom to think of ways to celebrate.  During our learning walk on Monday we came up with some fabulous ideas such as

'create a colourful castle with a rocket so it could blast off'

'make some apple juice as he really likes it'

'create a picture in the painting area so that he could put it in his bedroom'

'create a mountain in the sand pit so that he could climb it and get away from Goldilocks'

'a magic house so he could do whatever he wanted'

'a toy horse or unicorn so that he could ride it'

'cupcakes with cherries and chocolate sauce because he likes chocolate best!'

See some of the wonderful ideas in our photographs below:

In other news............. we are working hard on our counting, ordering and recognising with numbers in our maths sessions.  In literacy we are looking at blending our sounds to help us with our reading and writing and also making our very own diaries.  We are also exploring our very own forest school area, thinking of ways to keep safe and preparing to use it after half term.


We have also worked hard in our harvest celebrations and are looking forward to sharing our work with our families on Thursday.  


Please see links to support your learning at home on our home link document above and if you require any further information, please email Mrs Stevens on


We would also like to say thank you for your support over this half term and want to say how very well the children have worked.  We are very excited to explore and have even more adventures after half term.  Well done everyone!

Enjoying and Exploring in our new Forest School Area....