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Our learning walk this week was based on our story 'Once upon a time' During the walk discussions took place about the different characters and what we could create for them.  Some ideas were:

Create a potion to fix the Wolf's tail

A potion to mend the witches broom

A tree house for the bears so Goldilocks can't get in

A house for the 3 pigs from blocks and cement so it is strong

A flying potion for baby bear to help him catch goldilocks

See the photos below with more of our work

In other learning we have been blending and segmenting words in our phonics, writing lists in our literacy work and finding ways to make 5 in our maths work.  We have also been investigators!  Grandad Bear has sent us his old toys and we have been exploring them.  We have been talking together about how they are similar to our toys and how they are different.

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Investigating toys from the past

We discussed the toys that Grandad Bear sent to us and compared them to toys that we have now.  We noticed what they were made of and how different they were - especially the roller skates!  The music box was even compared to Alexa!

Our Wintery Walk

The weather was beautiful this week, very cold but also very sunny.  We went on a wintery walk to investigate what we could see.  We noticed that it was sparkly, crunchy and also the steam that came off the frost when the sun hit it.  As a link to our fairy tale work, we even thought that Elsa had been!