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Wednesday 3rd



No Zoom today. It starts Friday! Sorry!

Daily Register: Please Watch

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Lockdown Day 21 (Wednesday)

Addition and Subtraction (Fractions) Warm Up


LO: Solve problems involving area


Complete the questions from my input as a warm up.


Watch the video, complete the questions as appropriate and then have a go at the worksheet




LO:Understand how to take notes from a text


Note-taking is actually very useful life skill! As you go through your education, there will be more and more of an importance placed on you being able to take quick and accurate notes, and even in many jobs! But how do we take good notes? Well let’s find out!


This video goes through the key skills of note taking, and then has you take notes on a very famous scientist, Charles Darwin.




Read ‘Rosa Parks’ and answer the questions. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.




RE: Plan a bat/bar mitzvah


This week I would like you to plan a party! Bar/Bat Mitzvahs can be quite extravagant and are often themed.


How would you decorate the venue? What activities would you put on? What food/drinks would be served?


Look at the attached images for inspiration. Create a plan for the party, do drawings to show what you would do. How you present it is up to you!


The Rest

- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars


Mrs Wordsmith - Astonishing

Have a look through the attached PowerPoint. Much like in class, see if you can work out the missing words and then practise using the word in sentences. Maybe try using it in a sentence with a semi-colon or in a De:de sentence.

Furthermore, see if you can use it in this week’s writing tasks!




Pick 10 words from the year 5/6 national curriculum word list. Practise them each day and then test yourself next week!


Bar/Bat Mitzvah