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W/C 14.9.20

Week 2 is complete! The children have started to settle back in to the routine now, and are quickly getting to grips with life in year 6!


In maths we have taken the plunge into the world of ordering decimals and multiplying/ dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. This is a skill that children struggle to fully master, however it has been fantastic to see the children's confidence grow as the week has progressed. They still have the odd tendency to write the wrong number down or do the wrong operation, but we will get there eventually!

The children have carried on looking at 'Here we are' this week, and had the opportunity to reflect on themselves, the difficult situation we are all in, and also the world around us. Here they are, producing some co-vid health awareness adverts in drama:

Our topic for the year is Ancient Egypt, and the children have been introduced to the idea of when the Egyptians lived, and also have started to learn about Pyramids. We look forward to wowing them even further with everything the Egyptians achieved!