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Cooking with Mrs Kyne

Cooking With Mrs Kyne

Hello everyone,

How are you all? It’s very strange not seeing you all at school at the moment but I am looking forward to when we can all safely be together again to hear all of your news. Whilst I have been at home I have been really busy doing lots of jobs but have found some time to make some of my favourite recipes and thought it would be nice to share them with you. I would love to hear how you have made them even better by adding your own ingredients or changing things around. You could perhaps write and create your own recipes and make some clear instructions of how you did it. Maybe you could draw a picture of your creations or take a photograph. I would love to see them. Right, I am off to do some cooking, stay safe and keep washing those hands! See you all soon, Mrs Kyne.


Cinnamon Swirl

Cottage Pie



Oat Pancakes


Turkey Fajitas

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rock Cakes

Fruit Lolly Pots