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WB 8.11.21


This week in maths we have been learning about 3D shapes.  We have been naming, identify and finding 3D shapes in our learning environment. We have been learning about the properties and using the language of face, edge and vertices to describe the shape. 


The children have had lots of fun creating structures and thinking about which shape to use for different parts, explaining why certain shapes would not work on the bottom of a structure, and why shapes with a vertex at the top need to be at the top, as another shape would not balance on it. 


As part of Maths Week we also shared Maths stories and completed tasks using shapes and practising our number bond and sharing skills.


This week in Literacy we have been writing Acrostic poems. The children have really enjoyed this activity and have produced some fantastic work. They have worked hard at thinking of lots of exciting adjectives to describe farm animals and then have used those words to create their poems. During busy learning they have been applying their suffix knowledge to their challenges.


This week, our DT focus has continued during the afternoons. After experimenting with different structures last week, we moved on to designing and making our own! First of all we drew labelled sketches of a new home for the Old Lady from 'A Squash and a Squeeze', and after that we used our designs to help us make our structures. Finally, we evaluated our work in small groups. This meant talking about what we thought had gone well and what we would do differently next time.