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Please complete and return your books by Wednesday 7th June. Alternatively, you can email your work to your child's teacher.


Year 1 have focused on grammar this week and have been independently applying the ed, ing and er suffix to known words. They have also enjoyed challenging themselves in the writing areas and have written some super instructions. Year 2's have been writing diary entries, based on our History topic, The Titanic. They have thought about writing in the first person and using lots of emotive vocabulary to describe the disaster. 



Year 2 have been solving problems this week and have been working in teams to share ideas. They have talked though the best strategy and applied all of their skills to successfully complete their challenges.  Year 1 have continued to look at capacity and have had a wonderful time carrying out a variety of challenges. They have also been using the vocabulary of full, nearly full, nearly empty and empty.



Our History topic this week has been the Titanic. We have learned all about how the ship was built, where it was travelling, what life was like on board and what happened to it when it struck an ice burg. We have also had a lot of fun building our own ships out of Lego and testing them in the water trays to see if they float. We finished the week by writing up some of the facts we have learned in our best handwriting.