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W/B 29.4.24


This week we have started our new writing unit, recount diary writing. We have been reading model texts and have identified the key features of a diary. Over the next few weeks, we will be building on these skills to write our own diaries from the point of view of Charles Darwin. 



In Elm and Cherry, we have finished our multiplication and division topic and have moved on to halves and doubles. Some of use have coloured half in different ways and others have been cutting out shapes and folding them to make two equal halves.

In Beech class we have been extending our fraction knowledge and have been learning how to write unit and non-unit fractions. We have also been finding the whole of a shape or amount. 



At the beginning of the week, we finished our Art unit by holding a class gallery and evaluating our paper sculpture boats. We then moved onto our new Geography unit which will ne the United Kingdom: Rivers, Mountains and Coasts. We have been labelling the countries of the United Kingdom and thinking about some of the geographical features of each.