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A wonderful start to the summer term!  The children have returned to school very focused and excelled in their diary writing!  During our learning walk they discussed how the could complete their work for Zog, what they could create and who they could help.  The groups worked very well together and came up with some fantastic ideas:

create a submarine to go under the sea and look after the mermaid

a telescope to help look for animals that needed help

a rocket to help the aliens

a basement hospital and even an ambulance!

See the learning walk for all of our ideas....


In other learning this week we have introduced 'write time'. This is in addition to our writing in all of our activities!  During the day we have to stop what we are doing, get a whiteboard and pen, then write what we have been doing.  This is supporting our sentence writing and we are using all of our digraph and trigraphs!

We have been recapping all our numbers to 10 ensuring we counted carefully, recognised and ordered the numbers correctly.... we then solved lots of problems in our counting activities.

We have also met a new character, Zog went to visit a Park during the holidays and met the Park Keeper - his name is Percy........ he has asked for our help!  See the home link information for the first story that we have been investigating.  Percy sent us some seed potatoes - we have worked very hard planting these and we will see how they grow!

Please see the home link document above which has more detail on our learning this week to support work at home.  If you require any further information, please email 

We have been planting the seed potatoes!  We had to make sure we were very careful and are really looking forward to seeing how they grow!