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Our learning walk this week was used to help Zog and develop our awareness of the new characters.

We came up with lots of ideas such as: to make a hospital for Princess Pearl so she can help the dragons.  We even made an xray machine!  Potions were made to help Princess Pearly fly and to help Zog fly faster!  Once discussion took place about flying, our imagination ran wild - we even wanted to create a 'flying doctors house' that had a motor and wings!  We didn't forget that we needed a castle and food for the characters too.


In other learning we have been writing recounts, using our sound and keyword knowledge to read and write sentences.  We have recapped one more and one less and ways of making 5, along with learning some new rhymes and starting to use the language involved in weight.  We have also created some music to support our learning about dragons..... quiet movement to accompany Zog fly and also some loud music to relate to him 'stomping' around the school.  We continued with finding clues that Zog may have visited us again during our investigation work and learnt how to do yoga!  See the link in the document above to help continue this at home!

Please use the home link document above to support consolidation of learning at home and if you require any further information, please email

Creating music for Zog

We enjoyed investigating the percussion instruments and deciding which instrument would support the request from Zog.  Zog wanted to have some quiet music to help him fly and some louder music for when he stomped.  We played the different instruments and decided on what we felt would be best.  Ask us what we chose!