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This week in our learning walk we have been discussing how to improve our work on creating for nocturnal animals.  Lots of language and revisiting previous ideas, making links to other areas of learning.  Some comments that we came up with were 'use the leaves for bunting, it will make good decorations,' 'make a little hole and put leaves in for his bed', 'you need a roof for the bats to hang on' and 'you need to build sides all around the top to stop other creatures getting in.

Have a look at the wonderful things we have created in the photographs below

In other areas of learning we are focusing on a story called 'Once upon a time'.  This will help us with our story telling and we find out about lots of fairy tale characters in it.  We are then going to complete a challenge of making a house for the 3 little pigs!  In maths we are finding different ways of making 5 and learning some songs to help us.  In our forest school we are hoping to create a special home for a hedgehog and we are also doing a firework dance in our PD session.  

Please see the home link document above with more information on our learning and some useful links that you can use at home to consolidate our learning.

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We had great fun creating homes for the 3 little pigs - we said that we needed to make a strong door to keep the wolf away and also have a fire in the middle so that the wolf can get caught!  Look at our teamwork in the pictures below:


In our forest school work we created hedgehog homes to help them hibernate!  We talked in detail about how to make them safe and not let the leaves fall on them!  We then wrote labels!