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Monday 8th June 2020

Look at our work!

Hello Beech Class,

Thank you for all of your hard work last week. You have done an excellent job of learning about Kenya.


Foundation and Literacy

Last week you started to research Kenya. It looks like a pretty amazing place!

Have a look at this video about Evangeline. She lives in a village in Kenya.

What did you notice about her life? How is where she lives similar or different to Manea? Do we grow the same or different things in our area as Evangeline does? How is her life similar or different to your life?


I’d like you to create a table with the headings ‘similar’ and ‘different’ to record your thoughts.


Once you have done this, you can use it as a plan to write about the similarities and differences between Evangeline’s village in Kenya and Manea.

For your reading and spelling tasks this week, I would like you to read ‘Tiger’s Tale’ through Collins eBooks. You will need to click on Big Cat Books and then search ‘Tiger’s Tale’, or you can browse for it in the White level books. I’d like you to look out for any words in the book that you can see that have suffixes. I’d like you to record these in your handwriting books.

Have a look at this suffix game.

Keep active by taking part in Mr Tull’s PE challenge!


Outside this week you could explore how different kitchen utensils can be used to make bubbles! You will need a washing up bowl of warm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid and some kitchen utensils. Dip the utensils in the water and soap mix and then see what happens when you blow them.


Are you going to be taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge? Remember to have a look at  Mrs Johnson's stories, I think they are brilliant!

Keep checking Miss Bridges’ page about the ducklings. Can you record what you have seen happen? I wonder if there are any other animals that hatch like ducklings…


Last week, we were thinking about fractions of shapes. This week we are going to think about fractions of amounts.

As lots of you told me last week with the fractions of shapes, we know that all parts of a fraction must be equal.

Have a look at this video.

Fractions of Amounts

Fractions of Amounts for Beech Class. As always, if I can slip some sweets into maths I will!

Try these fractions of amount questions. Read them carefully! I might have added a few sneaky ones in!

Keep up all of your hard work. Remember to email me on


Take care,

Miss Pritchard


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