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PSHE Challenges

                 Growing up 


Challenge one: LO: To understand the main stages of the human lifecycle: birth, baby, child, adolescent, adult, middle age, old age, death.

 Draw a line on a piece of paper and mark it with number line showing intervals of 5 years. Mark or draw birth, baby, child, adolescent/teenager, adult, middle age, old age and death on their time line. Write the names of people you know along the line, showing which stage you think each person is in.


Lesson 2:

LO:  To investigate perceptions of  being ‘grown up’.


What does it mean to be grown up? When are people grown-up? What makes each age group different? When are people old? When are they middle aged? When do you stop being a child?


Do you think your parents or older brothers and sisters would have the same answers to these questions as they do. Ask different people in your family- does everybody agree that from 18 you are grown up?


Think about how you feel about growing up  why?