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Friday 12th

Lockdown Day 28 (Friday)

Power of 3 Warm Up



LO: To apply percentages to real life situations


Look at the shopping sheet. I would like you to do a shop! For some of the things on the list, there are different choices, so you can pick based on the best deal.


How much does your total shop cost?




LO: Write a biography


Watch my input to practise a sentence type we have looked at before.


Today I would like you to write your fourth informative paragraph and conclusion.


First of all, read back through your work from yesterday and check for missing punctuation and capital letters! Then see if you can edit and improve any of your vocabulary.



  • At least 1 semi-colon (remember both sides need to make sense on their own)
  • At least 1 colon.
  • At least 3 powerful words per paragraph.
  • Use a power of three sentence type

Only one sentence per paragraph beginning with ‘The’.



Use the Inference Iggy PowerPoint to support you with your inference skills


Complete the reading task ‘Magic City’




Choose something or a combination of things:

- Joe Wicks videos on YouTube

-  Yoga videos on YouTube

- Design your HIIT session and see if you can complete!

- Invent a new sport, test it and improve the rules.

- Create your own sporting drill to practise a certain skill for your favourite sport.

- Invent an Anglo-Saxon sport, based on your knowledge of what they liked to do.




Log onto Language Angels home learning. 


username: ManeaC1355

password: lahome


Intermediate level, unit 10 - The Weather, lesson 5


The  Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars



Shadowmancer- Part 5

Inference Iggy PPT