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WB 11.10.21


This week in Maths we have been learning about taking away. We discovered that when you you take a smaller a number from a greater number the greater number gets smaller. We then learnt that subtraction is another way of taking away. We have been challenging ourselves by applying our subtraction knowledge so we could complete lots of subtraction number sentences. We have been persevering with our challenges and discovered we can subtract accurately. 



In Literacy this week, we have been using all the skills we have practised so far this term to help us write our own versions of the Farmer Duck story. We innovated our own stories by introducing a new main character; instead of Farmer Duck, we had characters like Farmer Dog, Farmer Horse and Farmer Sheep! We have been trying hard to punctuate our work accurately, use interesting vocabulary and apply our phonics to help with our spelling. We certainly have some authors in the making in Year 1 and 2!



This week we had a special P.E session.  The children enjoyed working as a team to create wiggling caterpillars that travelled across the playground.  They created lots of different funny faces, using picture instructions and a range of resources. 

The children played relay games and worked as a whole class to see if they could race against their own scores. 

The children all had lots of fun and enjoyed the team work tasks that were completed.