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Look at some of the Rangoli patterns we created with our friends

This week we are focussing on celebrations.  We have written our diaries to celebrate what we have been doing over the half term holidays - we listened hard to the sounds in words and then wrote the letter to represent the sound.  We have also learnt lots of new sounds i,n,m and d.  Geraldine the Giraffe has helped us (see the links on the home link page).


Our other main celebration this week has been Divali.  We have found out lots of information about Divali, listened to the Divali story and then created our own Divas and Rangoli patterns to celebrate the festival of light.  We have also related this celebration to other celebrations that we know, Halloween, Bonfire night and birthdays!


In our maths we have been working on positional language.  We have created our own obstacle course, discussing the positional language as we used it.  We then found our favourite place and informed Mrs Goude about the position we were in.  We used lots of language such as in front, next to, behind, on top, inside.


Don't forget to look at the home link page for our songs and stories this week as well as other information we have been working on.  Please do not hesitate to email pineclass@manea.cambs.sch if you have any questions.