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Last week you worked so hard to explain some of our special science words. This week we would like you to use some of these special words in sentences. We would like for you to use at least three of the words in sentences. 

Think really carefully about your spelling, handwriting, full stops and capital letters. 

Here is a reminder of the words: 

  • diet  
  • energy  
  • food-chain  
  • habitat  
  • microhabitat  
  • survive  
  • living  
  • dead  
  • never alive  



In Maths this week, we have been thinking about partitioning numbers in different ways. For example, we could split 45 into 40 + 5... but we could also split it into 30 + 15, or 20 + 25. 


We'd like you to have a go at the activity sheet below; you only need to complete the first two pages. If you don't have a printer at home, you can keep the sheet up on the screen and write your answers onto a piece of paper.