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15th June 2020


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At school we have been busy doing maths board games and perhaps most exciting, created our outdoor area!



Thank you to everyone who sent in their maths games this weekend, I hope you enjoyed the project! This week we are going to go a bit more mainstream for a change, and solves some maths puzzles/ play some maths games!

NRICH is a great website for making you think, and I have got a selection of challenges for you to tackle each day.



Reach 100:

Dotty 6 (Game):



Four Go (Game):

Magic Vs:



Two Primes make One Square:

Strike it Out (Game):



Neighbourly Addition:

Square Corners:



Number Sandwiches:

Coded 100 Square:



At some point in your life, you have probably read a magazine. They come in all shapes and forms, and will usually be based around a certain subject- like a fashion magazine, or a football magazine, or a car magazine. They will feature articles about the latest things to come out, news, a letter page, maybe they will have an advice column, maybe they will have word searches etc.

Over the next few weeks we are going to create our very own magazine! I will give you a couple of different pages to do each week, and after a while you should have a little magazine of your own!

How you present this is up to you. You may choose to use a computer, you may choose to  do it all on paper. 


This week you will first of all need to design your front cover. An attractive and eye catching front cover is very important! Before this though you will of course have to have chosen your topic. Use the planning sheet and examples to help you out, along with the PowerPoint. The success Criteria sheet will help you to see how good a job you've done.

The second part of your magazine I'd like you to do is a feature article. This is important piece in your magazine that people would really want to read about- obviously it has to link to your chosen topic. Here are the various resources to help you with this:



This week we are going to move onto Science and the topic of Forces! As much as I would like this to be Star Wars related, unfortunately it isn't.. but it's still fun! I've got a couple of areas of Forces for you to investigate this week. 


Air Resistance

You all know about gravity. So how do we slow things down when they are falling and we want them to land safely? Parachutes! But what makes a good parachute? Let's find out!


Parachutes are used to deploy troops and support into war zones, deliver supplies and cargo, save lives, decelerate aircraft, and more recently, for the sport of skydiving.


I want you to test what makes a good parachute. The variables are numerous in this – for one thing, the height from which the parachute is dropped: it will pick up speed before air resistance slows it down so the higher the better. Does the parachute want to rock back and forth? Maybe it needs a hole in the middle to allow air to flow through the middle. Do the larger parachutes work better? Does material make any difference? Do the number of strings have an impact on performance?


1. Cut a circle out of a paper bag, plastic bag, piece of tissue, cotton cloth, silk, etc. 

2. Punch holes around the edge of the circle, at least four. Tissue will need some reinforcement first, a piece of tape will work.

3. Tie string to each hole. The pieces should be the same length.

4. Tie the strings together under the parachute and secure the jumper (maybe a legoman?)

5. Test!


Pick a variable to investigate, keep everything else the same, and then write up your findings like we would at school. 


What are you trying to find out?


Method/ Diagram




Levers and Pulleys


Have a watch of the videos on this website (they are really old, I'm sorry in advance). I want you to have a go at designing your own simple machine. What's its purpose? How does it work? Label and explain your diagram. Of course, if you want to have a go at making it.... be my guest!

Don't forget to be reading and do the accelerated reader tests too!


The Added Extras


Keep up your exercise- I'm sure you're all well into the groove of it now! An exciting event announcement is coming this way soon, so keep an eye out for that!




T   E   N   S   I   C   E   R   S   A




How many of each species did Moses take on the ark with him?