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The United Kingdom


This week we are going to be learning about The United Kingdom!


Challenge 1!


Could you find them?


Below is a picture of the UK. Can you spot what countries make up the United Kingdom?


Within each country we have cities! Some cities are known as capital cities.

Can you use google maps and find where each city belongs?

Challenge 2! The UK: Rivers and Seas


Have a look at the image below. How are we different to Austria?

Can you use goggle maps or the map function on your device to name and locate the seas around the UK?


Now can you name the rivers on the map below? What seas do they flow into?


Challenge 3!:Around the counties.

Take a look at the image below. what does the information on the envelope tell us?


The countries of the united kingdom are broken down into smaller areas known as counties. The majority of us live in Cambridgeshire.



Research the names of some of the counties in the countries that make up the UK.

Can you display this information on a poster?


Challenge 4: The UK- Hills and Mountains 


What are hills and mountains?



Using the image below can you name and locate the areas if high ground?