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W/C 7.9.20

Welcome to Year 6 everyone! It's all been a bit crazy, with so many new things going on, but the children have adapted wonderfully and as a staff we have been incredibly impressed with everything they have done. 


Alongside trying to adapt to a new timetable, a later lunch and reduced time outdoors with their friends, the children have also been doing some work!

In English we have been looking at 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers, and the children have been put through their paces to see what they are capable of- there is some great potential there, which is exciting to see.

The children also got to experience year 6 maths, and have discovered it isn't as scary as they thought it would be! They've handled everything we have thrown at them this week, and you can already see their confidence growing.


No homework or spellings for the first two weeks, but remember P.E. kits on Thursdays and Fridays.