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Thursday 4th

Thursday- World Book Day

Let's start the day by listening to The World Book Day Song! How many books can you hear mentioned in the song?


The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. Production Company: Monkey KingdomExecutive Producer: David GrangerHead of Develop...


Starter LO: To apply my knowledge of the seven times tables. 

This week, in our starters, we are practising our seven times tables. Remember, if you get stuck, you have things in your home learning packs which might help. Don't forget to keep using TT Rock stars too. 


Try the problem below: 

Maths LO: To subtract using the column method when multiple columns require regrouping. 

Click on the picture below to load today's lesson with The Oak Academy Trust 


Within the video you will be asked to complete the following challenge. It's looks the same as yesterday, but be careful it may be more of a challenge. 


Now try: 

Starter LO: To improve sentences. Can you fix the sentences below? You will need to look at spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also, try to improve them, perhaps you could add adjectives, fronted adverbials or a subordinate clause. 


Main LO: To use prepositional phrases. 

A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else.

Examples of prepositions include words like after, before, on, under, inside and outside.

The house was on the hill beside a tree.

In this sentence 'on' and 'beside' are prepositions which show you exactly where the house was.

Click here to watch the BBC video explaining prepositions. 


Here are some more examples:

Task: Imagine you are in the office, from the Spiderwick Chronicles, looking around. Explain what you can see, using prepositional phrases.

Class Story

The SpiderWick Chronicles Chapter 7

Guided Reading 

Starter Look at the words we have been looking at this week and create an action/ mime for each of the words. Show it to somebody in your family- can they guess which word your are acting out?

Main: Look back at the picture you drew at the start of the week. Do you still have the same view of a headteacher? 


The story we will be reading is called 'The Demon Headteacher'. What do you think the character will be like in this story? 


Write a prediction of what you think will happen. 

Mrs Wordsmith- Revision


Still image for this video



Describe and understand key aspects of human geography including land use in the context of using keys and legends.


What Does a Key Do?

What does this kind of key do? (It unlocks things.)

How might that  link to our work on maps? (It helps us to unlock more of the meaning of the map.)

Here is a map of a shopping centre.


What can you tell me about the places I could visit in this shopping centre?

How did you find that information out?



Look at they key.

What does each symbol mean? What else can you tell me about the shopping centre now?


What kind of shop is building number 6?

How many food shops can you see?

How would you get from shop number 5 to the nearest toilets?

What makes a good map symbol?


Which is the map symbol? How can you tell?

Why is the symbol better than the image for use on a map?

Making a Key: 


Create a sketch map of the school building from memory. Label your sketch maps using the skills from yesterday but this time add some of the symbols from the list below.