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Monday 18th


Duration - 15 minutes


Please practise your spellings. Write them out using 'Look, Cover, Write, Check'. If you can spell them, try writing sentences using the words. It is really important with this particular list that you practise using the words in sentences as I am sure a lot of the words are quite easy for you. The most important thing is you know how to use singular and plural form correctly, as well as with apostrophes. 


Duration - One hour

Learning Objective: To write a diary entry from the viewpoint of Lucy. 


Remember we looked at diary entries on Friday. You need to start with 'Dear Diary', include the date and sign off at the end. 


Medium - Write Lucy's diary on the day when she tries to tell her brothers and sister about the wardrobe. How do they react? How is she feeling? 


Spicy - Write Lucy's diary on the day where she tries to tell her brothers and sisters about the wardrobe. How do they react? How is she feeling? Write a second diary entry a few days later. How are things between them all? How is she feeling now? How does she feel about the wardrobe?


Hot - Write three extracts from Lucy's diary. The first when she tries to tell her brothers and sister about the wardrobe, the second a few days later and the third when she has entered the wardrobe again. How do her feelings change throughout all of this? 


Duration: 20 minutes

To discuss our prior knowledge.

Think about the key word: City. What do we know about cities? What cities do we know already? What would you expect to see in a city?


Draw a picture of Manea and a picture of a city. What differences are there?  


Duration - 15 minutes



Having a great deal of money. 

Very wealthy. 

He is affluent and can afford to send his family on holiday three times a year. 


The largest houses were built on the most affluent street of the town. 


I was temporarily affluent when the bank put money in my bank by mistake. 


Only the most affluent families could afford a private online tutor during lockdown. 


The Queen is one of the most affluent people in England


Now have a go at writing your own examples...


Duration: One hour


Starter: Complete the seven times table worksheet below. 

Learning Objective: To convert between hours and minutes. 

Converting Hours to Minutes for kids


Duration - One hour

To know the story of the Good Samaritan

Still image for this video

Now choose the most important part of the story and draw this inside of a TV outline. Share with someone in your household why this is the most important part of the story.


Challenge: How can you use the messages in this story in your life? 


Duration - 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout for kids