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Curriculum & Ethos

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Development Matters

Our Ethos

We encourage our children to develop their independence by giving them choices and by allowing them to attempt things themselves within our secure setting.

We understand the need for young children to build their resilience by feeling secure enough to show and talk about their emotions. They also need to be able to self risk assess and we encourage a 'have a go' and 'challenge' culture, this builds confidence which is paramount to all future learning. 

We use the 'development matters guidance' alongside our own skills targets for the end of pre-school which we have developed from our own knowledge and many visits to Manea Community Primary School's reception class. We place a focus on the prime areas of the development matters understanding that the learning here needs to be well embedded for the children to move onto the specific areas.

We understand that children learn best through a mixed approach of child and adult led play and our knowledgeable staff are able to scaffold children's play to help them progress to their next level of learning.