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Thursday 28th

Good morning 

Good morning Ash Class. It is important that you fit your learning into a time table which works best for you, but below is our suggested format for you. Please remember if you have any problems with today's work to send Miss Bridges an email at We would also love to see photographs of your work today. Good luck with your challenges. 


Spellings (Homophones)

Duration: 15 minutes

Please practise your spellings. The words may not be very challenging, but knowing when to use them correctly is. Instead of simply spelling them, you should write them out in sentences so you are practising the word and the meaning. Alternatively, see if someone can read out a sentence so you have to identify the correct spelling of that word. 


Lo: To continue writing our story

Stater: To use apostrophes to show plural possession.

Watch the video below and complete the tasks set by Miss Bridges 

Starter- Possessive apostrophes.mp4

Still image for this video

Main: To write our story 

Today is the day we are going to write our stories. 


Yesterday we wrote the beginning of our stories. Take some time now, to look back over them and check that they make sense. Can you improve them in anyway? Did you remember to use descriptive language? Did you vary your sentence starters?


Now lets think about what will happen next. What problem or dilemma will your characters face? How can you create suspense and tension? Remember your story needs to last for at least two pages, don't rush it all into one paragraph. 


Visit the BBC page here, for some videos you can watch to help you up level your work. 

Class Story: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Chapter 7 part 1

With permission from Harper Collins

Chapter 7 part 2

With permission from Harper Collins

Guided Reading


Warm-up: Read the following extract and answer the inference questions. 

Mrs Wordsmith 

Lo: Revisit our previously learnt words. 

Revisit the video we used on Tuesday. Can you remember all of the words? 

-Write the definition for each word and then use it in a sentence. 


Still image for this video


Lo: To apply my knowledge of addition to finding the perimeter. 

Starter: To mentally solve addition problems. 

Can you solve the problems below in your head?

Starter: To find the perimeter. 

Today we will look at finding the perimeter of oblongs. Click the picture above to visit the BBC website for more information- you could play the games on the website too. 


Click here to work through today's online lesson with the Oak Academy Trust. 

Now try this: 



Lo: To create a realistic drawing

art 2 .mp4

Still image for this video