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Hello everybody!


Wowzers trousers, we've only got one full week left of this very unusual school year! We are so proud of the effort you have all made during your time away from school, and really hope you will keep it up for the next week (and two days!), challenging yourselves and aiming high until the very end. We know you can do it.


This week, we have received more fantastic emails and photos where you have shown off what you have been doing at home, and our socks have been well and truly blown off. Who knows where they are now, but they are certainly not on our feet! Well done Year 1. Don't forget to have a look at this week's photo reel to see if you can spot yourself and your work. There is also a very special letter from one of our Year 1 friends who is missing everyone very much; what a fabulous idea to write a letter... perhaps some of you would also like to write letters to your friends, and we will post them on the website next week smiley


Have a fantastic week everyone - we can't wait to see what you get up to!

Mrs Johnson and Miss Denton x

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