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2nd June



What can you remember about the chapters we heard yesterday?


Can you still remember your answers to these questions?

  1. What was the first thing that mum saw when she arrived home?
  2. What was mum’s reaction when she saw grandma? What words did the writer use? (‘giggled and gaped and looked as though she was going to faint’)
  3. Describe George’s dad.
  4. Why was dad so impressed?
  5. What words did dad use to show he was impressed? (colossal, gigantic, tremendous miracle)
  6. What did dad do?
  7. Why didn’t grandma like what was going on?
  8. What were the family’s different views of grandma?
  9. What was dad’s plan?
  10. Why was there a problem with making the medicine?  How did dad sort it out?
  11. What do you think about dad?

Diary Writing


Look at the slides below. Ask an adult for some help if you do not understand fully.

Can you change the sentences below to past tense?

Can you change the sentences below so that they are written in first person? 

Now use this information and try to write your own diary entry!