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Maths Activities

Maths (choose 2 activities each day)


  • Recite numbers to 10 and then back from 10 to 0 – say it loud, say it quietly, stamp when you are reciting, clap when you are reciting


  • Balance on one leg – how high can you recite to when you are balancing?  Do it again – did you balance for longer this time?



  • Get some dried pasta – grab a handful – can you count them carefully?  Can you write the number?  Grab some more – how many this time?  Can you add them together?  How many in total?


  • Use some lego bricks.  Count out 10.  Can you create a tower?  Count out 9 – make another tower – is it taller or shorter than the tower with 10 bricks – how many more bricks do you have altogether?


  • Gather a bowl and 10 objects (some dry pasta or lego pieces)  carefully throw the objects into the bowls – how many do you get in?  count them carefully – how many did not go in? – count them carefully – there are still 10 altogether – try again – how many in and how many out.  Play this game with your adult – can you beat them by getting more in your bowl?


  • What numbers can you see all around you?  Can you see any on the remote control?  Computer, in the kitchen etc – what numbers can you recognise?



  • Use the CBBC website:       play:  counting song, add up with the number blocks, easy pattern quiz, count with Peter, sing the number songs – see what else you can use to help with your counting








  • play the ordering caterpillar game – choose the number range and order the random numbers that you are given


Choose an activity from previous weeks that were really enjoyed.


Use the home learning pack and choose an activity from there


Some useful ideas for maths games at home – you can change the resources that are suggested with what are available at home – I really like, broken hearts and lego patterns