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This week we have started something new.  As we work so hard together we have now got a celebration pot.  We have to collect 10 pencils in a pot to get a celebration.  If we help each other, work extra hard, discuss what we are doing with our friends, be wonderful at following the rules then we are awarded a pencil.  This pencil is put in a jar until we get 10!  


Mrs Stevens is thinking of lots of wonderful things we can do to celebrate - a new game, a special story, a funny song!  We are all working hard to collect the pencils!

In our other learning we have been creating new areas in our room.  We now have a 'mixed up fairy tale area' where we can create our very own fairy tales and we also have a new area to create our own train sets.


In our 'challenge area' we have a new piece of equipment to investigate.  It is a very old typewriter.  We have investigated that it has lots of letters on it and if you press the right one then a letter gets printed on the paper!


We are also going to find out about a new character called Beegu.  She has landed on earth and is looking for friends.  We are the best at looking after our friends so she is going to watch how we do this.  We have had great fun with our friends - we created an obstacle course and showed Beegu how to share and take turns.


In our maths we have been working hard on our counting and have learnt the rules of a game called 'Spotty dogs' - this involved using numbers and counting carefully.


In our phonics we have been listening to the beginning sounds in words - we have also watched a fantastic you tube video with the sounds d - have a watch!