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Please find below your homework. Most of you should choose from either the Hot or Spicy challenges. Please email if you would like to know which challenge you should be doing. 



This week, we have began to look at Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. We have started the story 'Escape from Pompeii' and acted this out. 


For your homework I would like you to imagine you are Tranios or Livia again, looking at the volcano as it erupts. What can you hear? Smell? See? Write your sentences as if you are that character e.g. I can see... and try to use adventurous descriptive vocabulary. 


To challenge yourself, try and use similies, metaphors and even personification in your writing! 


By the end of this year we need to know all of our times tables all the way to 12x12. 


This week we would like you to quiz yourself on these- how quickly can you complete this sheet? Or perhaps you could ask your parents to give you 20 random times tables questions for you to complete. 




Revisit your two, five and ten times tables using the sheet below: