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Tuesday 23rd

Lockdown Day 30 (Tuesday)



LO: Construct line graphs


Having looked all the various aspects of line graphs, let’s have a go at constructing (drawing) them!


And don’t forget children…. Use a ruler for those straight lines!


You know the drill: watch the video, pause and do the questions she sets, and then do the worksheet afterwards.



LO: Understand the concept of the Solar System


Do you remember the order of the planets using your mnemonic? Test yourself!


When you look at a diagram of the solar system, the planets are usually spaced out quite evenly. However, this isn’t the case at all! Let’s have a look!


First of all, you’ll need a bit of paper, long and thin. For example, I would cut a few a4 sheets in half and then stick them end to end.  You want to be the length of your body (which is roughly fingertip to fingertip if you hold your arms out wide). Obviously if you have some border paper or the such,  that would work fine!


I’ve attached here two sets of instructions, follow the one you like!


This one is written as if you are a teacher running the session with children. If you’re working with a grown up, they could read from it and talk you through the steps.


This one is just a simple, plain set of instructions.


When you are done, you can make it look pretty!



Today I would like you to complete the plastic pollution skimming and scanning sheet.





L.O. I can design a recipe.


Your activity today will be to design a recipe for a soup or stew, using the ingredients we know were available during the Anglo-Saxon period.


Use the research from Lesson One to help you with this. Attached are some example Anglo-Saxon recipes, laid out in the format I would like you to use. Read these recipes closely (in particular the soup). What technical language could you take from these recipes and use in your own?


Use the ingredients list provided on the sheets to help you gauge the correct quantities for your own recipe. 


The Rest

- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- TT Rockstars



Write 10 things down that you think are important to leading a happy and healthy life.

Narrow it down to 6 things.

Then order into a pyramid- 3 things at the bottom, then 2 in the middle, then 1 at the top (what you think is most important). Discuss your reasoning with someone at home.




Planets PowerPoint