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Friday 20th November



Something a bit different this week, the focus is on words which includes vowels you don't particularly say when you say the word:



This week you have all done a fantastic job of tackling percentages and finding percentages of amounts. Let's see if you can do them at home! Just ten questions of increasing difficulty. If you get stuck (8,9 and 10 are the harder ones), then try some others of the level you got to, just with different numbers. Before you tackle them, I want you to try to teach a grown up at home how to do it... how good are you at explaining our method?


1) 10% of 70

2) 10% of 145

3) 20% of 168

4) 40% of 136

5) 5% of 90

6) 15% of 148

7) 25% of 247

8) 39% of 456

9) 17% of 345

10) 97% of 1928


Remember, to check your answer, on a calculator just multiply the starting number by 0.(the percentage). So for example, if you want to find 35% of 90, type into the calculator 90 x 0.35




We have looked at a variety of writing techniques this week. I would like you to put them into practise on something very simple... your garden! I'd like you to write a descriptive paragraph about something happening in your garden. Does it need to be real? Absolutely not. It must be AT LEAST 7 sentences, and include:


- a simile

- three power of 3 techniques

- Only 1 sentence may start with 'the'.


What do you think of mine? Can you spot which techniques I've used?


There it was again. The noise. Slowly, slowly, slowly Edward crept forward, his heart hammering in his chest as loud as an overexcited drummer at a rock concert. Peaking out from behind the bush, the view that met his eyes took his breath away. It was so beautiful, so wondrous and so heart warming. His garden, which had once been sombre and sad and a sight for sore eyes, was now one of the most incredible things he had ever seen. But how? How had this happened? And where HAD that noise come from?


Then he felt a tap on his shoulder, and things suddenly turned even more bizarre.