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Literacy challenges

Literacy challenges



The children, who are in school, will be practising their spellings each day as part of their Literacy lesson. I would like to practise spellings with tion and cian. You could do it like we do at school and ask someone in your family to test you every Wednesday!

Challenge 1: Hot task 


It's that time again where you get to show off your learning. 

Write a playscript using the picture below as inspiration. Remember to include everything you have learnt so far- and work hard on your presentation. 


Challenge 2: Read and respond to poetry


Inthis unit, we are going to look at poems written by Roald Dahl. The poems we will look at are narrative poems. What are the features of these? 


Read through some of the poems from Roald Dahl's dirty beasts. Can you identify and themes, similarities or differences? 


Which poem is your favourite? Why? Write a letter, convincing somebody to read your favourite poem. 

Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts - The Pig

A clever pig knows everything about anything, except for his existence. Then he finds out why and eats the farmer!

Challenge 3 : Perform a poem.


Choose one of the poems from Roald Dahl's dirty beast book and perform it to your family. It will take practise first- just like we do at school and you may want to learn the text of by heart. Concentrate on your expression as you read, add actions- perhaps even props! Watch the video of Michael Rosen's tips for performance poetry to help you too. 


I would love to see videos of you performing your poems. 

Michael Rosen's top tips for performing poems and stories

YUM! Get your copy of Chocolate Cake: Bestselling author and master storyteller Michael Rosen shares his top tips on how to bring a stor...

Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts - The Porcupine

A young girl who is "as good as gold" as she puts it gets 50p from her parents every week for her good behaviour. Then she goes to the sweet shop and buys so...

Challenge 4 : Explore the features of a poem- including rhyme. 


We know that some poems rhyme- not all poems though. Roald Dahl's dirty beast poems often include rhyming couplets. I have given you an extract of  The toad and the Snail below, but removed every other line. 


Can you add in your own lines which rhyme with the one I have given you?

Challenge 5 :To use metaphors to describe a character 


We set the challenge of metaphors for you a few weeks ago, so this should be a recap lesson. What is a metaphor? How can you use them to describe a character? 

Have a look at the sheet below to help you- no need to print it. 

Now write a character description about these characters using metaphors: