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Wednesday 20th


Please remember the expectation is that you work for 4 hours a day. Here is a suggested time table for your work today. 

Class story: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 

With permission of Harper Collins- Chapter 4- part 2


LO: To create my own version of Narnia 


Warm up: Let's warm up today by thinking about sentences with an embedded clause. 

Add the commas into these sentences in the correct place and underline the embedded clause: 




Yesterday, we created a portal which is going to take us to a new land.


Today it’s time to think about what we see when we get there! What kind of land is it?

Create your own land. It’s up to you how you do this- you could draw it, paint it, build it with lego, make a model. It’s entirely up to you- but once you’re finished try and label it with some descriptive sentences.

Guided Reading

LO: To use a text to form imagery. 

Read the text below and then draw a picture of what you think the fictional city looks like. Label your picture using quiotes from the text. 

Mrs Wordsmith

LO: To learn a new word. 

Watch the video below to explore our new word with Mr Lenton! 

Mrs Wordsmith

Still image for this video


LO: To convert between days/ weeks, months/ years. 

Start by practising your seven times tables. 


Warm-up: Can you solve this problem which requires you to convert between analogue and digital clocks. 


Main: Today we are continuing solving conversion problems, this time between days, weeks, months and years. Click on the link below to watch Miss Hill's lesson from the Oak Academy Trust. You may want to watch my helpful tips video below first. 

Support for Maths


LO: To create texture by drawing

Watch Mr Lenton's video below to explore the concept of creating texture whilst drawing. 

ART Texture.mp4

Still image for this video


LO: To explore different habitats 


The place in which a plant or animal lives is called a habitat.

Can you think of different habitats? 


Let’s think of a few together: ocean habitat, urban/ city habitat, rainforest habitat, woodland habitat, rainforest habitat, desert habitat, artic habitat.


Choose at least two different habitats from this list and research them. What animals live there? There is a link to a website which you could use below. 


Once you have a list of animals- can you think of classification questions you could use to sort them?

Science habitats_Trim.mp4

Still image for this video