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In our learning walk this week we have been discussing the Percy stories that we have read so far and coming up with some new wonderful ways of helping Percy.  Some examples are:

make a truck with Percy's shed on the back - so he can fix things from his shed as he goes around the park!
Make carrot cake for the rabbits as they love carrots!
a new lawnmower as Percy crashed his old one

A bigger shed for Percy so he can make more machines

to make cakes for everyone after they had been on the bumpy ride!

a birthday cake for owl in the mud kitchen!

Please see the photographs above with all our wonderful creations!

In other learning we are developing and extending our sound knowledge through using longer words.  These are CCVCC words such as stamp and twist as well as words that we need to chunk up such as garden and carpet.  We are working very hard on these!  In maths we are developing our knowledge of number using the number sequence to 20!  We are superstars!

In our investigation work we are focusing on the story 'The Secret Path' which is then going to be the focus for our walk through the woods - will our secret path be the same as Percy's?

We are also continuing with our work on investigating and creating in order to help Percy.  A very busy week!

Please see the home link information above in order to consolidate learning at home.  If you would like more information or have any questions, please email


Our own secret path adventure.....

We explored our very own woods to see if we could find the secret path that Percy went on ..... we found lots of clues!

Some chopped trees that Percy may have worked on or the storm may have knocked down.  One other idea was that a beaver had chewed it with their strong teeth!

Lots of animal prints that we think were made from the deer or the hares that we spotted!

there were also lots of minibeasts around - we saw ladybirds and even holes in the leaves that we think were made by a caterpillar. 

We also saw lots of flowers, including bluebells and trees with different leaves on them! 

We then wrote sentences to describe what we felt about the visit - this included - It was magical, fabulous, squelchy, muddy and dark!  What a wonderful day!

We have been AMAZING writers this week.  We have been writing on the big whiteboard what we want to make in our challenge and then we have been writing what we made!  We are VERY proud!

Look at some of our challenges from this week....