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This week in class we have been completing various investigations. Please choose one of the challenges below to have a go at. I will put the solution up next week for those who want to know the answer to 



You have a set of the digits from 0 - 9.
Can you arrange these digits to make two-digit numbers as close to the targets as possible? You may use each digit once only.


Number closest to fifty

smallest odd number

smallest even number

largest even number

largest multiple of five 



There are seventy eight prisoners in a square cell block of twelve cells. There is one prisoner in one of the cells, two in another cell, three in another, four in another and so on up to twelve prisoners in one of the cells.

The clever prison warder made it easy to check if the prisoners were all there by arranging them so there were twenty five along each wall of the prison block. How did he do it?

(There's more than one solution - send yours in - it might be different to everyone else's!)


This week was Science Week, so for your homework I am keeping with the theme of 'Inventions'. I would like you to choose one of the inventions listed below and predict how they will change in the next 100 years. The focus needs to be your writing, so remember to check your work through for mistakes!



mobile phone



game consoles



Group One

noticeable, despise, treatment, enemies, passenger, cruiser, hoarse, assembly, anchors, dictionary, communication, controversy, corruptible, appearance, honour

Group Two

character, chemist, Christmas, chord, chorus, ache, echo, orchid, school, orchestra, knack, kneel, knight, knock, knew

Group Three

battle, saddle, kettle, trouble, castle, muddle, puddle, people, double