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Monday 15th June 2020


Hello Beech Class,


Well done for another excellent week of home learning!

Hello Beech Class- 15th June

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Our learning at school and at home


You have been thinking about fractions over the last couple of weeks. You will have been using the language of whole, quarter, half and three quarters quite a bit! This week I’m going to ask you to use a bit of your fractions knowledge, a bit of your time telling knowledge and a bit of your geography knowledge all together!


We are going to be thinking about position, direction and movement.

Have a little think about those words, ‘position’, ‘direction’ and ‘movement’. Do you know what they mean? Where could you look this up? What do you already know about position and direction?

*** If you are going to challenge yourself to research these words, don’t read on just yet! ***


Position just means where something or someone is.

Here, Frankie is sitting on the chair.

In this photo, Benny is hiding under the Sombrero but he is resting on top of the cushion.

You could have some fun with a game of hide-and-seek and think about where you position yourself.


Direction is all about turning.

Watch this video, but only up to 4:48 (the bit after we will think about next week!). This video tells you all about turns.

Yr 2 11/5/20- maths- Position and Direction

We look at directions, positioning and patterns.

You could keep yourself active by asking someone in your family to shout out a turn and you can jump that turn.


Movement is all about… you guessed it… moving!

Think back to when we found Captain Hook’s treasure map. Do you remember how we gave instructions to the different characters to tell them how to get from one piece of treasure to another? We needed to think about how they needed to move. We talked about traveling North, East, South and West. We could also say forwards, backwards, left and right when giving these instructions.

When we are telling someone where to go we say that we are giving them directions.


This week I would like you to explore giving directions.

I would like you to write your directions out. Directions are a type of instruction- you are all fabulous at writing instructions already! Have a look at the directions that I have written.




  1. Stand in-between the couch and the table.
  2. Take 3 steps forward.
  3. Turn a quarter turn clockwise.
  4. Take 4 steps forward.
  5. Take one step to your right.
  6. Turn a quarter turn anti-clockwise.
  7. Take six steps forward.
  8. Take 2 steps to the left.
  9. Do a half turn.
  10. Walk four steps forward.



You could really challenge yourself and create a map to go with your directions!

If you have any programmable toys, you could also use these to explore giving directions.


This week we are going to be looking at the artwork of Joan Miró. He was a Spanish Artist who started his life as an artist by painting things in a ‘Magical Realist’ style, which means that things his paintings looked quite realistic but some parts might also seem a little bit strange. Over his career he then changed to working in a style called ‘Surrealism’. This means that his art work didn’t always look like real things and he wanted to create artwork that made people feel like they were in a dream.

Have a look at this presentation about Joan Miró and his art work. Do you prefer his earlier or later pieces? Why? Have a think about the questions and challenges within the presentation. Does any of this artwork inspire you?

I’d like to challenge you to create some ‘Surrealist’ art work. This means that you can get really creative! You could paint or draw your Surrealist art work.

Challenge yourself to write about your artwork. Which shapes or line types have you used? What inspired you? How have you made things look surreal?


Outside this week I would like you to have a go at creating different shapes with your body, think of the shapes that you have seen in Joan Miró’s artwork. How can you make yourself into a similar shape?


Next Sunday is Father's Day. This is a day to celebrate not only Fathers but anyone who is special to you and takes care of you.

You might like to create a little card to show them how important they are to you and how much you love them. 
I liked this idea- but you could have a look for some other ideas too!



Before half term we looked at a clip from Enid Blyton’s book, ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.

This week I would like you to read the chapter ‘The Land of Dreams’. You can access the book on the Internet Archive Open Library. It is free to sign up for and you can borrow eBooks. You do need to click on ‘return the book’ when you have finished reading. The chapter ‘The Land of Dreams’ starts on page 55.

In this chapter the characters from the Faraway Tree need to persuade the children to go up to visit the new land. How did they persuade the children?


I’d like you to read this chapter. What did you notice?

I noticed that there were lots of odd things going on; an ice-cream appeared, a purse full of marbles instead of money, whistles, swimming pools full of tears and planes!


That’s the funny things about dreams- they can be a little bit odd and don’t always make sense but that can be what makes them exciting or funny! You are all so imaginative and have some brilliant and funny ideas. This week I would like you to choose one of Joan Miró’s paintings to inspire your own ‘Land of Dreams’.


I think it would be a good idea to make some notes and create a bit of a plan first before you start writing about the dream land. Once you have a plan of your ideas down you can start to write about the dream land that you have imagined from the painting. You could describe the things that you might see there, what you might hear or smell, how things feel to touch. I wonder if things will be a little different to how we would expect…

You could even add some characters in to the dream land if you would like.


I am so excited to read about your dream lands! Remember to email them to me on . You can also email any other fantastic things that you get up to!



Keep up all of your hard work. I am so very proud of each and every one of you!


Take care,

Miss Pritchard