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This week we are finding out more about Kipper, Biff, Chip and Floppy.  It has been Dad's birthday and the children wanted to surprise him.  We looked at the title page of the book and also the blurb (the back of the book) this gave us clues about the story and then we found out more using the pictures.  In our guided reading we are reading 'Kipper's birthday'.  This is all about getting ready for Kipper's birthday and what happened in it.  We have had talk time about our own experiences with birthdays and also have written a list about what we would need to get ready for a party.  We have also now created a party area in our homecorner and have made props including presents, cakes and ice-cream so we can retell the story and our own experiences of parties. 



In our PD fine motor control work we have been developing our awareness and understanding about how to hold scissors correctly and also how to use them safely.  We are making birthday cards for Kipper - did you know he is 5?


In our maths work we have been continuing patterns and using a tricky shape pattern game on the computer.  If you would like to try it at home -here is the link:

Our main language and work this week has been to explore Challenge.  We have talked about what a challenge is and how important it is to challenge ourselves, especially in our learning.  Beegu has set us lots of challenges around our room.  We have got to help her by finding out about the new characters in our reading books, using our investigation kits to describe what we find and also covering the board with numicon before the timer ends.  We also have a playdough area where the challenge is to make party food.  One of our trickiest challenges is to collect spaghetti hoops on a kebab stick - we are counting as we go!


What challenges can you try at home?  You have to remember to keep trying!