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Hello from Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell

Hello Ash Class!


We have hit our final week of this term- and what a glorious week it has been. We hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather that we have been having. Don't forget to put lots of sun cream on!  


Next week is half term, so there won’t be any new challenges uploaded on Thursday 28th May.  When we return we will be changing which day we upload your weekly home learning challenges, instead of a Thursday it will be on a Monday.  This will begin on Monday 1st June.


On Wednesday this week, we were really blown away by some lovely messages pinned to the bushes outside of school for Teacher appreciation day


Seeing these pictures really made us smile during a time that is quite challenging. 


Let's keep this going- We're challenging you to think of someone else you really appreciate. Can you draw them a picture/ write a letter to show them why you appreciate them? It could be your family, the postman etc. 

Celebrations from last week...


Thank you again for working hard last week. Here are a few highlights: 


This week's challenges... 


We hope you are all remembering to do some physical activity every day. Here's a video to help you with some ideas. Also don't forget to look at Mr Tull's new PE challenge... this week's is definitely one that you can all have a go at. 


We have now come to the end of our explanation text unit and our focus is also moving away from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Let's now turn our attention to the following characters:

Literacy activity 1 :Using this picture, write down lists of adjectives to describe Mr and Mrs Twit. Can you use a thesaurus to make your adjectives even better? You can use the website if you don't have one at home


Literacy activity 2 : Write a character description for Mr or Mrs Twit. There are some examples below. You can also listen to the story to help you out- but don't go past 6:00. 


In your character descriptions, I would like you to use at least one sentence for each of these sentence types: 


You also need to include metaphors. E.g. His beard was an ocean of grime. 


Roald Dahl | The Twits

Literacy activity 3: Within your home learning, you have practised punctuating speech a few times now. This time I would like you to practise identifying direct and indirect speech. Use the PowerPoint below to help you with this. I've attached a worksheet- but you do not need to print this. Just see if you can write your own direct and indirect speech- perhaps using your family as inspiration to start with. 

Literacy activity 4: Using the picture below write a conversation between Mr and Mrs Twit. Include both direct and indirect speech. 

Mrs Wordsmith

This week's words are: shrewd bumbling flurry


- Can you find out the meaning of these words?

-Write sentences containing this words

-Can you write a list of synonyms for each word?

-Can you create your own actions to help you remember these words? You can find this and send it to me for the website next week



Last week, we looked at making inferences about characters from Charlie and the chocolate factory. This week, I would like you to apply it to the book you are reading. Write inference sentence about the main character in your book. Don't forget to use the words ' I know this because...' 


This week, we are continuing our 'statistics' unit. This week we are thinking about a brand new type of graph- which we haven't looked at yet, called a 'Time graph'. Here is an example. Babble Gabble: Can you write five sentences about this time graph? 

Below is a powerpoint to help you further.

Maths Challenge 1:


Maths Challenge 2:


Maths Challenge 3: 

Have a go at solving some of the questions on the sheets below- remember no need to print. 

Maths Challenge 4: 

Create your own time graph! You could do time yourself doing star jumps in your garden for five minutes. Then plot- how many did you do after one minute? two minutes? etc. Be creative- what other activities could you do to create a time graph?


Mrs Revell has challenged you once again to read and write music. Please find below the work she has set. 


This week's lesson is attached below. 


We have heard such lovely stories about how you have been keeping yourselves busy and it's been great to see you learning new life skills at home with your family. We've all had to be really strong to get through this experience and work together with your family 'team'. This challenge requires you to think about the strengths of each of your family members.

Remember if you have any questions or want to share your work with us get your parents to email the class email address:


Thank you- keep up the hard work and be the best that you can be. 


 Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.