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Each homework activity has been split into three groups. Please email if you would like guidance on which challenge is suitable for your child.




In year three children are expected to read five times a week. Accelerated reader will soon be available to most children and will be able to take quizzes in class during various points of the day. Feel free to e-mail about the different books you are reading at home.


Accelerated Reader are currently allowing the service to be used at home. 

 Here is our link for the service: 

If your child has forgotten their username and password please feel free to e-mail for these details.



Medium Spicy Hot
dad unhappy unhappy
can unwell unwell
am unpick unpick
he unfold unfold
all disagree unlucky
  displease disagree
  dislike displease
  mistake dislike
  misread discover
  misfire distrust




Medium: Using your spellings try to create a sentence for each one.


Spicy: This week we have been looking at kenning poems. Your challenge is to write a kenning about something around your home. For the spicy challenge use words that end with the er suffix.


Hot: We have found writing kennings with the ing suffix a little more challenging this week. For your hot challenge I would like you to complete the spicy challenge but also write a kenning using the ing suffix about the same item!

See below for some important tips!



Medium: Use your knowledge of counting in twos to solve the problems below.

Spicy: Practise your 3x table


Complete the challenge above and then create your own word problems that help us practise our three times table. For example:


'Sarah has 8 packets of biscuits. Each packet has three biscuits. How many biscuits altogether?'


Can you use the following vocabulary?


  • as much
  • times
  • multiplied by